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Family Business Services | Helping Family Businesses to Grow in a Sustainable Environment

A family-owned business faces unique challenges; however there are also unique strengths. Where other companies might measure success in quarters, you measure them in generations. Where others might focus uniquely on value, you also focus on values and growth—including preserving the company for the next generation, and perhaps leaving a legacy behind.

On the other hand, family dynamics and non-business considerations can derail even the most profitable enterprise—particularly when catalyzed by events such as a generational transition, or an external economic crisis.

At RHZ, we know that the most successful family businesses are those in which there is a balance between professional management, responsible business ownership and a healthy family dynamic. We have a keen understanding of the unique dynamics of family business, and we have the tools, experience and focus to help you optimize the positive forces in your family enterprise, while anticipating and minimizing any conflicts.

Regardless of your market, size, or industry, our experienced advisors will assist you in every step. From governance and strategy, to business transition and private wealth, to implementing your values, we have the expertise, tools, people and presence to help you manage your family enterprise and build lasting values.

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