Audit and Assurance

The firm has satisfactory "Quality Control Review" (QCR) rating under the Quality Control Review Program of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan. QCR is conducted by ICAP to ensure the compliance of quality standards while performing audit & assurance services by the practicing firms in Pakistan. The firm is also enlisted on the panel of auditors form by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) under "B" Category.

Internal Audit

Our internal audit department provides the complete picture of the business systems identifying the weaknesses and room for improvement. The department is lead by the professionals that understands the today's scenario of information technology.


We provide our clients an innovative tax services for their sophisticated and complex transactions. Our tax specialists are fully conversant with the complex laws and the techniques for strategic tax planning.

Corporate Secratarial

Our dedicated professionals not only guide our clients how they do businesses in Pakistan and what legal structure suits them but also continue advise them about the regulations, which affect them.

Business Finance Advisory

Our in-depth Knowledge of financial planning reporting and control system, and treasury risk management enables us to understand fully how our clients work and to help them either refine their current financial arrangement process or develop new once to suite specific needs.